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Prayer Request from Uganda

Gama - AIC Area Director, Adjumani Uganda

• For Adjumani farm work — that we may have reliable rainfall for crop production this year. And for more farmland.

• For a farm truck because our tricycle bike can not manage a big harvest as we experienced last year.

• For our church empowerment training programs such as soap and handbag making, and tailoring.

• For orphans and vulnerable students who are struggling with education due to lack of school fees.

• For more funds in order to buy more food for refugees since the UN announced that food rations will be reduced to less than 5kg per person for a month.

• That God will provide for the volunteers serving in the field and enable them to concentrate in the work.

Loruba - AIC Area Director, Bidi bidi camp, Uganda

• For funds for Bidibidi farm project

• For clean drinking water, which is a challenge in Bidibidi.

• For food relief because the food rations have been reduced to 4 kg per person per month.

• For those who have lost their lives or whose lives are in jeopardy because of lack of food.

• For our children in the schools, where learning is challenging because classes have 150-200 pupils.

Moses - Ministry Leader, Gulu Uganda

• Praise for the tangible ministry activities among the families in Gulu and other camps like Pagirinya and Lamwo.

• For teachers for our sewing programs in Gulu. Students can not afford to pay any tuition to the teachers.

• For more beads and sewing materials for our handbag making and sewing projects.

• Seeds for gardening since rain will start in the next 2 or 3 months.

• For a shed, possibly a roof without walls for the sewing project.

• For a shed or roof for prayer services for the returnees that have moved back to South Sudan.


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