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Prayer requests from ministry leaders serving refugees

Gama - AIC Area Director, Adjumani Uganda

• For Adjumani farm work — that we may have reliable rainfall for crop production this year. And for more farmland.

• For a farm truck because our tricycle bike can not manage a big harvest as we experienced last year.

• For our church empowerment training programs such as soap and handbag making, and tailoring.

• For orphans and vulnerable students who are struggling with education due to lack of school fees.

• For more funds in order to buy more food for refugees since the UN announced that food rations will be reduced to less than 5kg per person for a month.

• That God will provide for the volunteers serving in the field and enable them to concentrate in the work.

Loruba - AIC Area Director, Bidi bidi camp, Uganda

• For funds for Bidibidi farm project

• For clean drinking water, which is a challenge in Bidibidi.

• For food relief because the food rations have been reduced to 4 kg per person per month.

• For those who have lost their lives or whose lives are in jeopardy because of lack of food.

• For our children in the schools, where learning is challenging because classes have 150-200 pupils.

Moses - Ministry Leader, Gulu Uganda

• Praise for the tangible ministry activities among the families in Gulu and other camps like Pagirinya and Lamwo.

• For teachers for our sewing programs in Gulu. Students can not afford to pay any tuition to the teachers.

• For more beads and sewing materials for our handbag making and sewing projects.

• Seeds for gardening since rain will start in the next 2 or 3 months.

• For a shed, possibly a roof without walls for the sewing project.

• For a shed or roof for prayer services for the returnees that have moved back to South Sudan.

Dany - Oasis Ministry Leader, Beirut Lebanon

• Pray for the economic situation of the refugees in Lebanon, where inflation, salary loss, and currency fluctuation have made cost of living high.

• For refugees facing recurring earthquakes in our region. The buildings are old and fragile. Every time earthquakes happen, most of the refugees leave their houses.

• Pray for the seven house churches, the leadership training, and the youth ministry

Alex - Ministry Leader, Moldova

• For the the 50 families we serve — that they would not lose hope in the midst of hardship since the war began.

• Ukrainian Mothers who raise their children alone here as their husbands in Ukraine have no way to get out of the country because of martial law. Every day we minister to 30 mothers like that.

• For our 12 team members emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. That they would be effective and successful in interacting with refugees on a daily basis, encouraging them and giving them hope in Christ.

• For the material and financial resources to continue our mission to help the people of Ukraine at this crucial moment of their lives! So our ultimate goal is to bring these people to relationships with God through Jesus Christ.


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