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Afghani refugee child

About Refugee Relief

When you donate to a ministry, you want impact. You want to know your dollar is making a difference in someone’s life. 


There are few other places that a dollar can have as great of an impact as among refugees. They are abandoned, hurting and hungry. They live in a foreign land far away from home, often fleeing it under life-threatening circumstances. 


Your gift is a beacon of light to those in refugee camps and beyond. It brings sustenance and hope.


Refugee Relief is committed to making sure your money goes as far as possible. As a small organization, we are nimble and able to move quickly to meet uprising needs. We don’t have the bloated overhead of larger organizations. Most of our funds go directly to the field. Poverty and needs are everywhere, Unlike many other organizations, we focus only on helping refugees.


As a Christian nonprofit, God is at the center of what we do. 

Our mission is to follow the example of Christ to fill the needs of refugees in impoverished countries. But we can’t do it alone.

"Following the example of Christ to fill the needs of refugees in impoverished countries."

Our Mission


Here's one story of why our mission matters...

James and his family thought moving out of a refugee camp in Uganda and closer to the city would bring the possibility of work and a better life. So far, those hopes haven’t materialized. 


James hasn’t been to school in about a year. His mother hasn’t found work. And she has to travel 57 miles each way to get UN food rations from the camp so they can eat. His father is gone.


As he talked, a pot of beans cooked on the fire. It was food his mother had left for them as she traveled.


Even when she comes back with the rations, they don’t go far. The family of seven - including James, his mom and his siblings - eat maybe once a day, sometimes twice if they have leftovers. 


Still, it is better than life in South Sudan. Soldiers had descended on their village and were shooting people or torturing them at night. They would come to homes and kick in the door and then kill all the men inside. 


James still has nightmares about that time - that the soldiers have come for him and are about to kill him. 


Now he lives as a refugee in a slum near Gulu. Food is tough to come by for all of them. 


He wants to be a doctor, but his family can’t afford the $40 a semester to go to school. He’s fallen about two years behind.


James’ story is common among the children of refugee families. They have forsaken childhoods - ones where they must grow up fast to survive, but they also must skip certain milestones children elsewhere might enjoy. They live in constant hunger and their biggest desire is to go to school. Your prayers and gifts change all of this for children like James. 

Refugee Child in Uganda

Where we work

Syrian refugee

Our work is focussed on the most vulnerable refugees in impoverished countries. 


We are active among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Ethiopian refugees in Sudan and Ukrainian refugees in Moldova. We work inside refugee camps and beyond.


We are praying about other refugee crises around the world as they occur and asking God to open doors for us to minister in those areas. 

Our vision is to invite the Church to join together to advance the Kingdom of Christ by providing relief to refugees struggling to survive in developing or impoverished countries. Your gifts and prayers bring hope in the name of Jesus to those forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, violence and economic crisis. 


To accomplish this, we rely on your prayerful support to partner with in-country churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations already successfully serving the refugee population.


Our programs include food distribution, child education scholarships, adult vocational training, the Uganda Refugee Farm and grocery store vouchers in Beirut. Through these, we have the opportunity to reach refugees for Christ. Our supporters include churches and Christians like you who have a passion for those in such dire situations.


What we do

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda recieving food relief
Scott's Story

More about Scott and Julie


In 2018 Scott and Julie visited a refugee camp in Uganda as part of his work with another nonprofit. They had both traveled to developing countries before and experienced poverty but had never seen anything like what they saw in the refugee camps of Uganda. 


For these refugees, after fleeing their homeland, survival felt like a daily challenge. They faced agonizing financial choices between feeding their children and getting them medicine when they were sick. Rations from the UN were sparse and inconsistent. Children were starving. 


God got a hold of both hearts, speaking to them individually about the same calling.


Soon, Scott quit his job and set about starting a new ministry from scratch. Starting from zero wasn’t easy, but God has been faithful to provide for Refugee Relief in these early years. 


Through generous donations from generous Christians like you, Refugee Relief has brought rations to thousands of refugees. Through our network of partner ministries, two farms in Uganda have been launched, thousands of relief kits have been provided to refugee families in Moldova, Lebanon, and Ukraine, and refugee children have received scholarships to attend school.


We rely on the support of Christians like you. Would you consider partnering with us in our mission to help the most vulnerable?

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