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Your Prayers Matter

Download your free prayer guide!

Thank you for praying for refugees living in impoverished countries! With this guide, you'll learn more about each crisis that has caused people to flee their homes. You'll also be signed up for updates from Refugee Relief so when situations change or new refugee situations erupt in the world, you will know exactly how to pray.

Image by Jonathan Göhner

Why download the prayer guide?


Your prayers work

We believe prayer changes things. God hears us and responds. A prayer guide helps you know what specific needs refugees in impoverished countries have. And we have seen again and again how your prayers make a real impact.


Stay up to date

The situation among refugees is ever evolving. As Christians, we believe we should be informed about the "least of these." This guide will help you know and understand the various refugee crises around the world.


You fulfill Christ's command

Jesus commanded that we pray for others. When you pray for refugees, you actively participate in God's plan for the world, both in your life and in the life those fleeing war, conflict, and persecution.

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About Refugee Relief

Refugee Relief is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the necessities of life to refugees. Our mission is to follow the example of Christ to fill the needs of refugees in impoverished countries.

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