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South Sudan refugee children wait for water.

Ways to Help

The needs among refugees are overwhelming. They require everything. 


We have opportunities to give in the areas we have assessed have the greatest needs. Where we can help a refugee earn a living or create a sustainable way to provide for themselves, we invest there. Sometimes, however, starvation is so imminent that we just need to get them the basics as quickly as possible. 


Here are the ways you can help a refugee with food, medical care, education and other necessities.

More ways to uplift refugees

Provide doctor visits, relief kits, child school scholarships and more!

Image by Christelle Hayek


Refugee Relief‘s entire ministry was birthed out of the “when you see a need, you fill it” mentality. Refugee Relief has given supplies and care packages to refugee families around the world living in refugee camps and those trying to survive in cities. They partner with local ministries that are able to minister to refugees because of the resources provided by Refugee Relief. 

Let us not forget that Jesus commanded us to “go to the least of these.” Refugees are forgotten and often hated both by their homeland and by the countries they have inhabited. 

Our church has supported Refugee Relief for the last 4 years and I can verify that you will be sowing into good, fertile soil. 


The task of bringing relief in the name of Jesus to refugees around the world is huge! We should do what we are able, and God will multiply our efforts.

Mark Davenport, Pastor, City Light Church

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