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Drought causing problems for Uganda farm

Corn in Uganda farm struggling due to drought

Thanks to your faithful giving, the first crop of beans and rice and the second stage of corn have been planted. However, irrigation is always a challenge in Uganda, where the climate is hot and rain comes mostly during rainy seasons.

The area where the Northern Uganda farm lies hasn’t seen rain for nearly two months. It’s stifling efforts for the latest crop of corn at the farm.

Your gifts funded the purchase of a total of 36 acres of land in 2021 to grow crops as a food source for area refugees.Our partner, Africa Inland Church planted 10 acres of corn and harvested its first crop last fall.

The ministry plans to drill a water well in the coming weeks that your gifts have made possible. But the well water is reserved for the new greens crop that is slated for planting.

The corn crop depends on rain. Please pray that God brings rain and ends the drought in Uganda. It is only then we can fully bring about the vision for a sustainable food source for refugees in this area. While we wait on the harvest, refugees in Uganda need your help.


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