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The dream of education for refugee children

Refugee children in Uganda and Lebanon must pay to attend school. This is often impossible for families to afford. Refugee Relief provides scholarships for the most vulnerable children.

Sarah and Monica are orphaned twins who have never known their parents. They believe they died in the war. Another mother found the twins on the side of the road as young children and carried them to safety in Uganda. Sarah and Monica rely on the kindness of others to survive in the bustling city of Gulu. They don’t attend school since the woman taking care of them can’t afford it.

Sarah and Monica’s story is not unique. There are thousands of orphaned refugee children just like them in Uganda and other parts of the world. They struggle to find shelter, food, and water. An education is often a dream. Refugee orphans, particularly girls, are at a greater risk of gender-based violence. Their education is stifled, and they face the trauma of losing their families and everything they have ever loved.


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