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November ministry leader prayer requests

Alex, Ministry Leader, Moldova

  • Pray for spiritual and counseling work with refugees who come to our center, so all of our workers and volunteers would be successful in that. We would like to show them hope in God so they can be drawn to Him in those hard circumstances.

  • Pray for the preparation for wintertime. We are expecting a new wave of refugees to come here because of cold weather, high prices for heating, or in some places even the absence of heating systems due to devastations.

  • Pray for all workers, ministers, and volunteers of our center would have enough strength (physical, spiritual, and emotional) to carry the ministry. This is not a sprint run but a marathon and we all need to unitize wisely our strengths.

  • Pray for the people we serve through distributing food and goods as we provide the Gospel and spiritual help. Pray that they will search for God, come to local churches, and be saved. This is the ultimate goal of all we do here.

  • Pray for local churches and church leaders. Some of them are already exhausted after 8 months of intensive and hard ministry to refugees. Some have a shortage of food or other goods to distribute. Some would have a lack of good and reliable ministers or volunteers. But most important that local churches would be open to receiving new people and disciple them as they will grow in Christ. Thank you again for all you do to strengthen our ministry here!

Laruba - AIC Area Director, Bidi Bidi Camp, Uganda

  • Pray for funds for Bidibidi farm project

  • Pray for vulnerable people especially orphans and widows

  • Pray for the displaced people in South Sudan due to the civil war

  • Pray for my family and the church leaders in Bidibidi

  • Pray for Refugee Relief because people are suffering the food ratio has been reduced to 4kg per person for a month.

  • Pray for clean drinking water which is a challenge in Bidibidi

  • Pray for vocational training to help the school dropout situation.

Gama - AIC Area Director, Adjumani, Uganda

  • Relief food for refugees as food rations are reduced in the camps.

  • Vocational training for refugee women in the camps so that the skills given to them can help them to become self-reliant in the future.

  • Training for farm workers in Adjumani in order to have modern farm management skills.

  • Support for the volunteers working with Refugee Relief program in Uganda.

Moses - Ministry Leader, Gulu Uganda

  • Pray for the success of their livelihood projects while waiting for lasting peace to come to S. Sudan.

  • Financial support for the materials for handbags, hairdressing, and gardening vocational training.

  • Pray for continuous rain and that we can find the money to buy seeds and a small amount to rent the land for farming.

  • Praying for the bakery training program because none of the ladies know how to build an oven or bake. Praying that someone will be found to help build the oven as the ladies promised to lay the brick themselves. The program needs utensils and wheat flour, cooking oils for training in bread-making practices.


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