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Caught in limbo: Home and abroad bring similar challenges

Mohammad and Aya are siblings from Syria who have lived in Lebanon as refugees most of their lives. A few years ago, the situation in Lebanon deteriorated, so their family went back to Syria.

But things were dismal there too. There was no school, no access to food, and they lived in constant fear of the war.

Aya had no one to play with as all the girls were working. Since Mohammad wasn’t in school, he worked in a sewing shop. They were happy when the family moved back to Lebanon after 3 years.

But again, they faced similar challenges. Mohammad and Aya can’t go to school. They must stay home and help their mother who suffers from back pain. Food is scarce. Their father earns little money, while their older brother (15 years old) works in a sewing business. They rely heavily on the grocery store vouchers that come through your gifts to Refugee Relief.

We are hoping to provide more food relief and increase the number of school scholarships to children just like Mohammad and Aya this year.


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