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Ukrainian woman finds refuge in Moldovan church

Bohdana was in her home when bombs blew her windows out. The authorities told her it was time to leave.

Her family hired a car and paid money to flee to Moldova.

She has since found refuge in a Modolvan church, where she has lived for a couple of months. She lives in a room with 7 other people packed tightly with bunk beds. It is full of suitcases and clothing draped on the beds.

But she tells us, with the food Refugee Relief and others have provided and the shelter she has, "Everything is fine."

Ultimately, Bohdana is holding out hope that she can go home soon. She and the others she lives with watch the news, waiting for an end to the war, but the bombings continue.

"I am an old lady, and I still remember the end of World War II," she says. "I remember the Nazis, but they were not so brutal as the Russians."

She feels the persecution and oppression from the current war. But those in Moldova have warmly received her and helped meet her needs, so she is grateful and happy.


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