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Turkey/Syria Earthquake Update

Syrian family after earthquake
Syrian family sits on rubble that was once their home.

The epicenter of the recent earthquake in Turkey is right in an area where many Syrian refugees live. After I heard the news, I reached out to my partners in Lebanon to see what could be done. I soon learned how difficult the response to Syrians would be.

Supply chain routes were cut off by the Syrian government. Getting relief supplies into northern Syria is difficult, if not impossible.

While the United States has authorized a 180-day exemption to sanctions so that humanitarian organizations can do earthquake recovery work without fear of legal repercussions, sanctions are not the main issue hindering humanitarian aid. It’s the fact that the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad is quite simply a thief and steals humanitarian supplies to fund and supply his military.

Even before the devastating earthquake, Syria was gripped in economic crises dating back to the onset of the civil war in 2011. The situation is the worst for the millions of Syrians who live in rebel-held areas or who are refugees in Turkey or Lebanon, where they live on the razor’s edge of survival.

A recent article in Foreign Policy noted that wages and basic services have collapsed in Syrian government-held areas to the point where “many people are now burning pistachio peels, rubber, and even feces for warmth at home.”

Refugee Relief does not work with any government; we partner with the Church. Your gifts go to ministries whose purpose is to share the love of Christ and work to help those who are suffering. Our partner in Lebanon has churches in northern Syria. These churches need your help to reach families trying to survive the devastation of the earthquake.

We need $30,000 to provide food and blankets for 100 families for 3 months. Please pray for those left homeless and suffering and prayerfully consider a gift to help those in need.


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