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The innocent victims of war

Last year, the number of displaced people in our world exceeded 100 million. Children are the most innocent victims of war. During conflict, many children become separated from their parents or lose them to violence. They often experience horrors that no one should ever see. They flee with their families or sometimes alone to a neighboring country for safety. While these children try to adapt to a foreign culture, they have physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs.

Your gifts have helped refugee children over the last 4 years. Thank you! Orphans are a

target of our food delivery efforts in all the countries we work, and through your gifts, many refugee children in Uganda and Lebanon have received scholarships to attend school. But much more needs to be done.

Please continue to lift refugee children up in prayer. Prayer changes things, and through your prayers, God can miraculously intervene in the life of a refugee child to provide a new, bright future. It takes so little to bring hope to a child. With your help, we hope to provide educational scholarships to 100 children this year. Each scholarship is just $300 for the entire school year and includes one meal each day, school uniform and books. You can also choose to provide a monthly scholarship for $25 per month.


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